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Our Team

Cornus is a boutique property developer that is dedicated to creating high quality developments with a singular focus on the experience of residents.

We collaborate with our partners to create architecturally designed spaces that are liveable, functional and always well thought through. Our main focus throughout development stages is creating elegant, luxurious and sustainable spaces.

prA is a company that believes in quality architectural design alongside detailed architectural intent. The company was established in 2008, although the directors’ architectural contribution as sole practitioners dates back to 1997.

prA directors have extensive experience with boutique developments ensuring that all facets of the architectural process are delivered to a high standard. The firm has taken many types of buildings from architectural design through to construction.

prA demonstrates that small teams can produce big results by working together with common goals and a commitment to architectural design and the construction program. They believe that to produce quality architecture you must be passionate and embrace creativity, and ensure that this enthusiasm is maintained through to the completion of construction.

+61 416 689 010

1377 B​​​​urke Road, Kew East