Sell your property to CORNUS

Cornus frequently purchase development sites directly off land owners.

If you have a property you believe can be developed let us know.

The benefits of Selling to Cornus


  • We offer competitive market rates for land
  • We offer flexible settlement terms from quick 30 days to 12 -24 month settlements to suit your timeline.
  • We offer data on comparative land sales in the local area around you
  • We can guide you and explain the selling process
  • We do not charge you agency fees. If you sell through a real estate agent, your estate agent can charge typically up to 3% of the sale value as an agency fee
  • We do not charge marketing fees. If you sell through a real estate agent you will typically be charged tens of thousands for a marketing campaign that you must pay upfront.
  • We reimburse your legal fees for the preparation of Contracts and Vendors statements.
  • All this means you can save huge $$$ on your property sale

Our requirements 


  • Sites over 1,000 square meters in total (this can be your land and your neighbour added together if you’re both interested in selling together)
  • Sites need to be are suitable for Apartment or Townhouse developments ( look around your street are there any apartments or townhouses, or have any been recently approved)
  • Your price expectations are in line with current market prices (Cornus pays the current market price plus a finders fee for suitable properties. This is agreed on through a series of discussions. We do not pay grossly above market prices)

How to Contact us

If you tick the above boxes, let's have a sit down and discuss how we can work together to save you $$$ on your property sale. 

Please email us at [email protected] 

Please include the following information:

  • Your contact information 
  • Your property address
  • Details of the legal owner of the property
  • Timing in terms of when you are looking to sell / settle the property
  • Your price expectations

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