Sustainability- A Key Driver In Every Design 

 January 5, 2021

Sustainability is now a key-focus for buyers

The old-age traditional belief of living in a huge house with a large backyard in Australia is changing. As the population continues to grow, so too are the changing needs and expectations of a realistic living standard. People no longer require as much space, we spend less time at home, and as housing prices in Australia continue to rise, the great Australian dream starts to become less of a reality. The growing worldwide trend is now apartment living. As cities become more densely populated, and more people dream of a life of convenience, it only makes sense. However, as we have learned in recent years, with our growing population comes the need to be more environmentally conscious. This need is circulating through consumer’s needs when looking for a new home. People want to live every aspect of their lives in a meaningful, less harmful manner and are looking for sustainable buildings. 

In today’s market sustainability is a huge driver for consumers. This is why at Cornus, we have listened to our consumers, by designing and building energy-efficient and sustainable off-the-plan apartments

What is sustainability?

Firstly, before we explain how we design and implement sustainability into our projects, let’s understand exactly what sustainability means. Sustainable initiatives are energy-saving and cost-effective for those calling their apartments home. Sustainability is designed to use resources that aim to work with the environment and not hinder it. Sustainability means to have as minimal impact as possible on our environment and the world we live in. This is why we aim to design developments that suit the neighbourhood and environment, as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, and to work harmoniously with our planet. 

Live Sustainably With Cornus

Living in an apartment has its benefits. You can reap the rewards of living in a centralised convenient location, without the price tag of a home. Residents can take advantage of lower property maintenance, as the building is governed by a body corporate or owner’s corporation. And you can feel safe and secure due to the building having private security access. 

Working closely with our architects and builders, designing and implementing a sustainable apartment building comes in many different shapes and sizes. Our commitment to sustainability begins with the common areas. In these spaces, we have included solar panels that support the energy usage of all common areas. We also include smart sensors, which decrease the use of power throughout the building. 

Insulation is Key

We understand the need for privacy, especially in an apartment building. All of our apartments feature double glazed windows, which are a highly efficient way to reduce heat loss or gain. Double glazed windows have the ability to regulate internal temperatures, reducing the need to use the heating or cooling sources, and in time, your utility bills. Double glazed windows also provide double insulation throughout the apartment and act as noise cancellation. Furthermore, the double glazed windows and their configurations are carefully designed to provide extensive cross ventilation throughout the apartment.

Our sustainable efforts continue, with the thoroughly insulated walls. This feature reduces heat transfer, whilst providing residents with additional thermal insulation, further reducing their needs for heating and cooling resources. The thoroughly insulated walls also provide noise cancellation and acoustic comfort from any external sounds, as well as providing confidence that any internal sounds you create will not carry on. 

A major drawcard for Cornus apartments is the large windows, which maximise natural light. This reduces the need for artificial lighting during daytime hours. Furthermore, considering the balance between natural and artificial lighting in an apartment will drastically increase comfort both during the day and night. 

Reducing Water Consumption

Cornus is committed to reducing water usage and developing responsible environments. Drought resistant landscaping ensures that the designed outdoor areas will not rely on high amounts of water to maintain them. Our landscape gardening also provides urban greenery to the building. We also include rainwater collection tanks. Which provides greywater to be reused throughout the building, reducing residents’ water consumption and simultaneously recycling water.

environmentally sustainable off the plan apartments designed by Cornus Developments

Carefully Sourced Materials

The sourcing of building materials can be detrimental to the environment and ecosystems. Cornus uses sustainably sourced timber, which essentially refers to timber that has been harvested responsibly. This ensures minimal ecological damage to the surrounding environment, native plants, and wildlife species. 

Cornus developments buildings are predominantly steel built, in contrast to many which are timber-framed. Steel is an eco-friendly recyclable material. Due to its fabrication process, it has minimal wastage in comparison to other structural elements and it’s the way of the future. We have an advantage in working with architecture firms, as they help us design the buildings in a sustainable manner, as well as informing us of modern sustainable initiatives.

Building materials used in Cornus projects have low VOC. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) release gases from products and building materials, into our air. Low VOC materials do not release as much greenhouse gas emissions and are more eco friendly.

Additionally, throughout the duration of the building process, Cornus constantly recycles its waste materials, preventing our building materials from entering landfills. 

All appliances and air conditioning systems selected for Cornus Development projects are energy efficient. The decision to pursue energy-efficient systems for the apartments was simple. After gaining feedback on our resident’s preferences, we concluded that including these in the apartments, not only satisfied the needs of the residents but made an impact on the environment. These systems reduce the number of resources needed to operate them and the costs associated. 

Included in all of our buildings, as an alternative means of transport for residents, is bike parking. Even though all locations are within close proximity to transport, it’s a sustainable, low carbon impact alternative to motor or public transport. 

All these attributes contribute to our 7-star average NatHER rating, which we pride ourselves on. 

When sourcing our next apartment location, one of our primary considerations is whether it is in a centralised location. With the primary intention of having the building close to amenities, so our residents have easy access to transport, shops, and food. In the design of our building, we do not include any wasteful shared facilities such as gyms, pools, and gardens. Excluding these facilities lowers residents’ owners’ corp fees. As well as the overall building running costs, as a lot of energy, electricity, and resources need to be used in these facilities as they are usually 24-hour services. 

Living a greener life means minimising your carbon footprint and reducing your bills which you can achieve with sustainable apartment living.

Be part of a greener way of life with an apartment from Cornus Developments.

If you’re interested in any Cornus projects, we have the Cornus Malvern East II and Cornus Burwood La Frank projects currently available and under construction.

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