May Update Camberwell 

 May 13, 2021

As they say in showbiz  “that’s a wrap”. Our Cornus Camberwell project is now completed and we (almost) bid it farewell. This will be our final blog post on this project. As we are sure our residents must be very excited about this next chapter for them, we are just as excited to hand over the keys. 

There is just some final housekeeping and checks that need to be completed before we pass this project on. We have had the opportunity to visit the site and see the completed project and it has definitely exceeded our expectations. 

What sets us apart from other developers is the reality of our apartments. We advertise and deliver those expectations to our residents. As you can see in the image below, our emphasis on light-filled spaces in generously sized rooms is no lie, as there is so much room for activities in this living room.

So much room for activities in this lounge room <img role=” />

We also have ingenious kitchen designs which feature an integrated dishwasher and rangehood, soft close drawers and pull-out pantries.

integrated rangehood cornus camberwell
Integrated rangehood <img role=” />

Pull our pantries giving you 360 degree access 

Soft close draws are a dream come true 😍

Integrated dishwasher ✔️

If you're looking for a new apartment check out our other projects and register your interest. You better hurry as the property market is hot and these are getting snatched up!

We have a few remaining apartments in two of our projects which are well into construction the; Malvern East & Burwood projects. We also have two newly launched projects in Carnegie & Oakleigh

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