Burwood La Frank- Meet Your Neighbours 

 March 24, 2021

Burwood is one of Melbourne’s hidden gems that’s quickly becoming popular. This little suburb, located only 14km from the CBD, is stepping up its game with trendy new cafes, the world’s most sustainable shopping centre- the newly built Burwood Brickworks, and an abundance of parkland to roam and explore. If you’re interested in or have recently purchased an apartment at our Cornus Burwood La Frank project, we have curated a list of the best places in Burwood to spend your time. From trendy cafes to Jui- Jitsu classes, we can help you settle into your newly acquired neighbourhood. 


Burwood Brickworks

Only minutes away from our Cornus La Frank apartments is your dream shopping experience. It has all the amenities you could ever want inside the world’s most sustainable shopping centre. Yes, you read that right! Burwood Brickworks boasts sustainability and eco-friendly approaches to running its shopping centre. Best of all it’s only a ten-minute walk from your Burwood La Frank apartment complex. As part of its focus on sustainability, this modern, shopping precinct offers electric charging stations, if you don’t have an electric car have no fear as it offers an abundance of car spaces.

Burwood Brickworks’ design is focused on lifestyle, which is reflected in the plentiful stores and services provided. They have a variety of facilities from yoga and pilates to Reading Cinemas, allowing you to access any kind of amenity all within walking distance to the Cornus La Frank. 

Burwood brickworks shopping centre
Burwood Brickworks
The Banyan Tree

One of the most exciting parts about moving into a new apartment is turning it into your own home. Finding the perfect pieces to style your home has just become a whole lot easier thanks to The Banyan Tree. If you love stylish beds, trendy chairs and cosy decor then this is the perfect place for you.


Biome is one of the many popular stores situated conveniently within Burwood Brickworks. A gift store with a purpose, their vision has always been to preserve our planet and reduce the harmful impact of disposable products. From lunch boxes to fashion and everything in between, Biome will become your new go-to eco-friendly store. Not only will you find thoughtfully designed products made to last, but you can feel confident in knowing that you’re helping out our planet too!

Dining and Drinking

Burwood La Frank is idyllically located, with a huge range of restaurants and cafes right next door. So, gather your friends and go find your new Sunday brunch spot! 

Norwood Cafe

Situated in Burwood Brickworks and only a short walk from the Burwood La Frank complex, it’s easy to see why Norwood Cafe is Burwood’s hottest brunch spot. Working with only sustainably sourced ingredients from sustainable growers, you can treat your insides to the health kick they deserve. One of the best parts about this cafe is that they’re dog-friendly, catering to your four-legged friend by serving puppachinos.

Mino Korean Charcoal BBQ

Korean BBQ is definitely trending right now, with people travelling all over Melbourne to get their hit. Our residents at La Frank are lucky ducks who don’t have to travel far at all with Mino Korean Charcoal BBQ just five minutes away from the La Frank apartment complex. Providing our resident’s yummy Korean food any night of the week. Mino Korea prides itself on serving an authentic Korean BBQ experience. Making this restaurant a hotspot destination for a friend’s night out or date night.

Baba Sus

A modern take on Asian food, Baba Sus is serving up the tastiest food around! Their baristas have won awards for their amazing latte art, so you know it’s going to be a unique and very Melbourne experience. Whether you’re looking for a cafe for a work lunch or a weekend get-together, Baba Sus has the perfect vibe for every occasion. 

Acre Farm & Eatery

Their pride and joy is their urban rooftop farm, and it doesn’t take long to figure out why. Acre Farm & Eatery is located in a glasshouse on the roof of Burwood Brickworks. It flaunts a luscious garden in which they use ingredients from their farm to make their dishes. Acre Farm & Eatery isn’t just an all-day cafe, you can just go and enjoy the aesthetic of the restaurant, have a drink at the bar or order from their takeaway menu, the options are endless.  

Prohibition Food & Wine

Planning a night out with friends or family? Or maybe you’re planning a hen’s night? Whatever it may be, Prohibition Food & Wine has got you covered! Priding themselves on their range of wines, craft beers and cocktails, this establishment also pairs these delicious drinks with a mouth-watering menu that caters to a number of dietary restrictions. What’s not to love? 

Parks and Reserves

One of the most beautiful things about Burwood is its natural surroundings, with trees, greenery, and parks at every corner. Whether you like to relax on the grass reading a great book or spending your afternoon hiking, Burwood has the perfect park for you!

Lundgren Chain Reserve

A peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of Burwood, Lundgren Chain Reserve is the perfect afternoon getaway. This lush green reserve is filled with natural beauty, magnificent tree coverage, quaint walking trails, and playgrounds for the kids. It’s the place to relax, soak up the sun and listen to the bird’s chirp. 

Muyan reserve burwood
Muyan Reserve
Ballyshannassy Park 

Ballyshannassy Park is a beautifully maintained open area, perfect for kicking a footy or playing a game of cricket. There is also plenty of room for dogs to run off lead and play. With such a lovely park just a few minute’s drive from the La Frank complex, it’s the perfect opportunity to get the whole family out of the house and active.

Local History Park

As the name suggests, this park is filled with a rich history. With reconstructions of settler shelters from the 1800s, you’ll be sure to gain a deeper understanding of our past and learn more about the local Wurundjeri people. This park takes you on a journey through the deep history of the area, exploring themes of indigenous history, right through to Australia’s first drive-in picture theatre. If you’re looking to gain some knowledge regarding Burwood’s history, educate the kids, or for something different to do, then this park is the perfect Saturday afternoon delight. 

Gardiners Creek Trail

Hands up for all of us who love a peaceful Sunday walk? Well, Gardiners Creek Trail is perfect for you. This 21km track is loved by cyclists and pedestrians alike, with a relatively flat path allowing you to focus on enjoying the scenery rather than having to catch your breath. 



Anyone else obsessed with the plant trend right now? Well, if you love indoor plants, then we have the perfect activity for you!

Botaniculture offers weekend workshops for budding plant lovers. These workshops allow you to express your creativity through the creation of terrariums and succulent arrangements, the perfect plant to decorate your new apartment. Spaces fill up fast, so if you’re eager to learn be sure to sign up!

Camera Club

Passion for photography? Well, have we got the club for you! The Burwood RSL hosts a camera club, perfect for gathering everyone with an interest in photography together. This club invites all levels of photography expertise to join, from beginner to expert. If you love taking photos, get involved!

Burwood Tennis Club

For any tennis enthusiasts out there, the Burwood Tennis Club is the place for you. No matter your skill level, Burwood Tennis Club is always on the lookout for new members to join in the fun and get active. Their facilities provide coaching and competitions which are a great way to get involved in the community spirit.

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

If martial arts is something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance, now is the perfect time to start. With Gracie Jiu-Jitsu just four minutes from the La Frank apartment complex, you have the opportunity to get active, have fun, and learn some serious self-defence skills. Better yet, they offer family discounts and private or group classes.

Golf Club

Hosted by the Burwood RSL, the golf club is a great way to relax on a Sunday morning. They are always on the hunt for new players to join and welcome any skill level. If you want to get competitive, they have prizes for winners of every game. So what are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time to perfect your hole in one.

There you have it, our top picks of all the best things to do in Burwood. The best way to get comfortable in a new suburb is to just get out there and start exploring. So, try every cafe, visit every park, and get involved in community activities. For more on Burwood La Frank, please get in touch with us here at Cornus Developments!

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