January Update- Burwood La Frank 

 February 11, 2022

You can really see the beauty of our Burwood La Frank project now as the scaffolding has all been removed. We almost can’t tell the difference between the render and the real thing (personally, we liked the real thing better).

It’s been a huge month on-site, as we get closer to completion and settlement. We are excited to announce that the scaffolding on the external facade has now been fully removed and the render is almost complete, with only a small amount of work remaining on the North elevation on the ground floor and level 1. The fencing works have commenced and the plants are arriving next week. Then we can expect the landscaper to begin planting out and adding topsoil and mulch to the gardens which will really finish off the look of the building.

On level 3, all of the final defects have been completed and the final clean will commence later this week. The timber flooring work has now been completed throughout the building and the carpets will be fully installed by the end of the week.

On level 4, all the bathrooms have now been completed with the installers working on the built-in-robes this week. The kitchen joinery was installed earlier this month including the joinery throughout the apartment. We are expecting the final coat of paint to be applied, to the apartments on this level, next week.

Regarding the overall building works, the retaining walls have been built, the blockwork walls on the North and West sides, are now complete and the condenser units (for the air conditioners) will be installed this week, with work commencing on levels 4 and then working down the project. The electrical meter and commissioning started this week, we will start from level 4 and work down. All fire services are now installed and the independent commissioning is now underway.

The builder is currently inspecting the completed levels and looking for any defects to finalise the completion of the project and prepare for the handover.

Our Cornus La Frank project is almost complete, so if you’re interested in an apartment in this project, act now before the off-the-plan incentives are gone! We still have a limited number of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Fill in the form below and a sales team member will be in contact with you shortly.

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