February Update- Cornus Carnegie 

 March 6, 2022

At our Carnegie site, the basement works are well underway, with the team preparing for the installation of our crane, which will speed up the construction progress. 

Over the past month, the team has been concentrating most of their efforts on works on basement 2. We have reinforced the steel work and completed the concrete pour to the basement rafts, in conjunction with waterproofing the slab and preparing for the lower basement shotcrete walls. 

Lower basement steel reinforcing

There has been much preparation underway in anticipation of the implementation of the crane. We are currently working on the reinforcement of the crane base, setting up power to the crane and pouring the crane base. The team has also been removing all of the soil from the site. 

Crane preparation

This month we are expecting to install the crane, which is a really exciting new feature that will help to streamline the construction process, by efficiently delivering precast walls and materials around the site, helping to deliver our project in a timely manner.

Our Cornus Carnegie project has been one of our most popular to date and we have already sold out of over 60% of our homes. We still have a range of 1,2 and 2 bedroom apartments available. If you’re interested in calling Cornus Carnegie your new home call Marcus on 0488 845 332 or fill in the form below.

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