February Cornus La Frank Update 

 March 4, 2022

We are pleased to announce that our Burwood La Frank site is now in the final stages of construction. As we round out this project we thought it would be a great opportunity to surmise all the progress over the past month. The team has completed the landscaping, inclusive of the courtyards, mulch, planter boxes, nature strip and irrigation. The completion of the landscaping really helps to tie together our overall vision of this project and give Cornus La Frank that added touch of beauty and greenery. 

Landscaping works underway

External works have been well underway to complete this project, as the boundary fencing is now installed, the fence palings are receiving their final coat of paint. The front entrance canopy has been completed and we have been finishing off any remaining rendering and touch-ups at the entrance and basement ramp. 

The final pant defects have been completed and the team is currently finalising any last caulking work that needs to be completed. 

We are currently up to the general tidying up of all apartments and ahering to any defects and incomplete work. Whilst this is being completed we are conducting the final cleans for all of the apartments and cleaning the basement which includes removing any excess materials and tools in preparation for the handover.

As we finalise this project it’s a great time to take stock and reminisce on the past 14 months of construction. Despite battling covid 19, site lockdowns, material shortages and supply chain constraints, it’s been a huge achievement to deliver this project in a timely manner. 

As this project has come to an end, our last remaining apartments have been in high demand and we now only have 4 remaining. There’s a mix of 2 bedroom 2 bathroom and 3 bedroom 3 bathroom apartments. For any enquiries please fill in the form below or call Marcus on 0488 845 332.

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