The Benefits Of Apartment Living 

 May 6, 2021

Apartment living is now #trending in Melbourne. With the population growing, people now want and need to be living in more inner-city locations, which has resulted in a lack of available land. The solution, and only logical response, has been to build up. As the world changes and apartment living becomes more mainstream, we assess the benefits of this lifestyle choice and what makes it perfect for all generations. 

Location, Location, Location!

When buying property, location is one of the most important factors for buyers. One of the biggest reasons there has been such a shift towards apartment living is due to their unbeatable locations.  They are all about providing idyllic, convenient lifestyles for their residents that are surrounded by amenities. Residents can enjoy a lifestyle that’s close to everything you could possibly need – restaurants, shops, and more importantly public transport. Apartments tend to be built in suburbs with significant growth potential, due to their accessibility to the fore mentioned and inner-city locations. This close proximity, to almost everything, makes these destinations great candidates for value appreciation. Also, as apartments are cheaper than houses, you can find your dream location at a much more affordable price.

chadstone shopping centre
Chadstone Shopping Centre


Apartments’ great locations are also usually located right in the heart of a suburb. Meaning that the residents have a plethora of bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops to choose from, making life much more convenient. Some apartment buildings even include amenities inside them.

Living in an apartment, usually, means that you can step outside and be greeted by public transport, connecting you around the city, and life’s little day-to-day places that you can’t do without, like a supermarket or post office.

What does it mean if your apartment building doesn’t have included amenities?

Well, it’s not a bad thing at all! While amenities within the complex add convenience, they also add to the body corporate fees you pay, resulting in astronomical fees. So, it’s really important to determine whether these amenities are important to you. Ultimately, if your apartment is in a good, built-up location you can count on an abundance of amenities. So, if your apartment doesn’t have a gym, don’t worry about it – everything you need is around the corner! 

cornus carnegie left field cafe brunch
Left Field, Carnegie

Low Maintenance

Apartments are ideal for those looking for a low-maintenance property. Firstly, if you’re buying a new apartment you won’t need to do anything, except add your own personality. Unlike an older more established home that may need repairs, upgrades, or just some general TLC. The only space you need to maintain is your own, so you can decide what changes you want to make.  Also, all apartment buildings in Australia, have a body corp or owner’s corp attached to them. These corporations are responsible for maintaining everything outside of your personal space – so you can leave the communal areas and building repairs to them!


Sustainability is at the forefront of a lot of social and political discussions at the moment. As it is such a prevalent topic within the community, it has also become important for developers to discuss and disclose their sustainable practices. This also encourages consumers to trust the developer making them want to purchase a sustainable build over a non-sustainable build. One of the more popular ways for apartments to include sustainable measures is by implementing double-glazed windows. Double glazed windows help to control temperature by providing passive cooling and heating, they also increase the amount of light in the space, reducing the need for electricity. 

Did you know?

Double glazed windows are also the perfect solution for any privacy and noise concerns. 

Here at Cornus Developments, we understand the importance of sustainability and make sure this remains a top priority throughout the creative process. As such, we employ a number of sustainability initiatives to promote greener living. Double glazed windows, recycled water systems, and thoughtfully sourced materials all contribute to more sustainable living, now and in the future. 


Due to the size of apartments, they are more affordable than a house in the same area. This is because you’re not owning the same amount of land as a house. In addition to this, ongoing expenses are also lower, such as utilities and maintenance because the square meterage is much smaller.

Hot tip! 

Capitalise on the current government incentives, that are making it even more affordable to buy an off-the-plan development in Melbourne. From stamp duty savings to off-the-plan concessions, it has never been more affordable to get into the property market. Especially for first homeowners, who have an added range of concessions available to them. 


New apartment developments are designed with an emphasis on creating a secure and safe space. Intercoms, alarms, and swipe card access are all standard inclusions nowadays. Car parks and basements all require private secure access, making it safer for residents, who can rest assured that there won’t be any random people roaming the building. 

Sense Of Community 

As there are shared communal spaces in apartment buildings, you are more likely than not, to bump into your neighbours. This can then foster and sense of community. Also in smaller apartment developments that are predominantly owner-occupier, residents are more likely to get to know their neighbours and keep their apartment complex safe.

cornus carnegie booran reserve carnegie
Booran Reserve, Carnegie

So there you have it, the perks of apartment living! While every property type has its benefits, it’s easy to see why off-the-plan developments are so popular right now.

If this has got you thinking more about apartment living, check out our current projects here at Cornus Developments. Construction on our Woodlands and Burwood La Frank developments is well underway. Our Carnegie and newly announced Oakleigh projects are in the pre-construction phase and are the perfect candidates for off-the-plan concessions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our friendly sales team is always ready to help. 

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