The Benefits Of An Architecturally Designed Apartment 

 December 14, 2020

Purchasing an architecturally designed apartment means more than just looks. There is a common misconception, that an architecturally designed space is a unique looking building, however, employing an architect has many more benefits than designing a look. Architects design ingenious spaces for people to live in. They take into consideration many factors that most people would not contemplate into a design, such as lighting sources that ensure natural light is taken full advantage of. They also ensure that spaces flow consistently, with the design intention of practical living spaces. At Cornus, we collaborate with our architects to ensure that the residents can benefit from these designs, by taking into consideration how these apartments are going to be occupied by our residents. 

There are many advantages when it comes to architecturally designed apartments, particularly the consideration of the resident’s comfort and lifestyle. On average victorian housing, performance is two stars or less, which is the equivalent of keeping a window open all the time during winter. All Cornus Developments apartments we ensure that we meet the minimal requirements of thermal apartment living for all of our residents with our 6-star energy rating.

Let’s take a look at what it means to have an architecturally designed apartment :

Designed With Consideration

Architects are involved in the design process from the conception right through to the final build. Internally, architects will interrogate the spatial configurations of apartments, producing liveable spaces designed to fit with your lifestyle.

Creating Interior and Exterior Living Spaces

Nowadays, residents want living spaces that extended to outdoor terraces, balconies, or even a courtyard, which complements the surrounding environment. Architects will consider and research the local natural environment and neighborhood to ensure that their designs align with the suburb. These considerations also align with the local zoning laws, regulations, and council requirements of completing an apartment project. As it’s now a more common requirement for residents to have these transitional spaces, architects can design them so they seamlessly integrate into your home.  The open plan living concept creates a cross-ventilated area, reducing the heating and cooling costs to the resident. Also, reducing their carbon footprint and they can get a beautifully designed space that is functional, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Utilising Space Efficiently

When an architect designs a space, they want to ensure that every area is maximised by including ingenious storage solutions. By minimising awkward spaces and transitional areas, residents have a balance between the apartment size and its usable space for an open plan design. Creating a sophisticated space that can be used with functionality and practicality.

Privacy and Noise Reduction

With apartment living, it can be hard to feel like the space is private, especially if you have loud neighbours or live on a busy street. This is why it is essential for architects to understand the street scope and its impact on the residents. At Cornus, we employ architects to help factor into our designs double insulation and double glazed windows. These solutions are great economically for the apartments, yet also for reducing any outside noise. These designs also help with soundproofing the apartment, so you can have more privacy within your home.

Open Plan Designs Suited to Apartments

Open plan living is one of the most highly coveted modern living options. One of the most common requests from prospective buyers is space, to entertain and spend time with family or friends. Modern homes are no longer designed with long hallways, separate kitchens, and living areas as they are no longer desired. Modern homes are now designed to be a seamless, flowing, wide-open space filled with natural light. Architecturally designed spaces, provide flexibility to change and adapt the use of your rooms. Residents can utilise the space to entertain or adapt to a changing living environment. Architects can factor into their designs, how space can be forever adaptive to the changing needs of its residents and modern living, whether it be the need to create working from home space in your lounge room or accommodate for wheelchair access.

It’s also important for architects and designers to create a space that can adapt to different demographics. As many baby boomers and generation Y’s are starting to look to retirement and downsize their old homes, apartments need to cater to their changing needs. Architects design spaces that can adapt to the modified needs of residents allowing residents to continue to live in their apartments, even when their living standards change.

A Deep Understanding Of The Process and Materials

Efficient materials is an architect’s number one priority, as it helps the flow of construction, lowers costs and creates efficiency in the building process. Cornus works alongside our architects to design efficient and sustainable projects. 

Cornus and our architecture firm, focus on high-quality finishes and details throughout their projects. The basement boasts conceded piles with a concrete finish, unlike many competitors who choose to keep them exposed.

Another developer piles exposed.

Cornus piles concealed

Using architects to design the apartments means that for us at Cornus, we have the ability to access the latest advancements in apartment innovation. We no longer use old building structures of wooden frames, but now steel, which is stronger, more efficient and sustainable. The lightweight steel frame structure for the building is highly efficient and resistant to pests and insects. It also repels any water and moisture, avoiding any long term damage to the building. In a process that minimises delays, the steel frames are fabricated off-site under strict quality control before being transported to the site when needed. The installation process of steel is time efficient as they are already constructed and treated. Furthermore, steel is an eco-friendly recyclable material, with minimal wastage compared to other structural elements.

Sustainable Features in Architecturally Designed Apartments

Sustainability is now one of the biggest factors of consideration for residents when purchasing an apartment. Architects must ensure that they are incorporating as many sustainable features into their designs as possible. Cornus Developments attains a six-star energy rating through the diverse range of sustainable design implementations across projects. In the Malvern East II and La Frank projects, rooftop solar panels power communal areas, reducing electricity costs. Rainwater collection tanks provide recycled rainwater to the toilets, reducing water usage and recycling water. Double glazed windows are featured in all apartments and are a highly efficient way to manually regulate internal temperatures without needing to use any energy. Double insulated walls further reduce heat transfer with the added benefit of noise cancellation and the creation of cross-ventilated spaces.

Maximising Light

Architects undertake their due diligence when designing their buildings by considering the surrounding environment in their designs. This can range from the location and its community atmosphere to sunlight, wind, and outdoor air temperatures. A major drawcard for Cornus apartments is the large floor to ceiling windows (where possible) which maximise natural light. Another factor of consideration in our architect’s planning phase is the double glazing of windows.  This factor has a dual action, working to insulate the apartment whilst conjunctively working as a noise reduction suppressor, from both the outside world and from resident’s internal apartments. Considering the balance between natural and artificial lighting in an apartment will drastically increase comfort both during the day and night, as well as create a sense of spaciousness and increase liveability

Architecturally designed apartments are thoughtfully designed with architects taking into consideration the resident’s lifestyle habits, comforts, and privacy. They factor in space, planning, and storage into spaces that can lose these basic living factors. An architecturally designed space will have many sustainable features, minimising your carbon footprint and hip pocket. 

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