2021: A Year In Review 

 January 21, 2022

As we embark on another year, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on our achievements and the challenges of the past 12 months. For Cornus Developments, 2021 was a jam-packed year! We experienced a change in all shapes and sizes. From company goals being achieved to proven strategies put into practice that produced incredible results. 

So let’s take a quick look at some major achievements in our world of property development from last year. 

During Q1, we saw strong progression across 2 projects, our Burwood La Frank and Cornus Woodlands projects. With each concrete pour, the levels of achievement only kept rising. Over at our Cornus Camberwell project, the work was steadily moving forward. The scaffolding came down to reveal the beautiful facade, and inside, the apartments were really taking shape. All the while the world took a turn with further lockdowns and Covid but, that didn’t stop progress at any of our sites.

As we moved into Q2, we bid farewell to construction at our Camberwell project and handed over the keys to our new eager residents.

During this time we proudly announced 3 new projects! Cornus Carnegie, Cornus Oakleigh and The Residences in Oakleigh. In a Cornus Developments first, we have launched 10 luxurious townhouses which have stunning views of Caloola Reserve. In conjunction with this project, are the Cornus Oakleigh apartments, which encompass a wide range of 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments, all ingeniously designed to maximise light and space.
The Cornus Carnegie launch was equally as popular, with apartments selling off-the-plan as fast as we could announce them, the immense popularity of this project resulted in selling out over 50% of apartments before breaking ground!

As Q3 came and went, progress on both construction sites proceeded. Internal works were continuing without delays and despite the nationwide shortages of steel and wood, our projects continued forward without any setbacks. Melbourne experienced an unprecedented property boom in the new financial year, which meant our sales staff were kept busy with enquiries and navigating transitioning meetings and sales to an online platform. 

The last quarter of the year was an exciting one as we broke ground on our Cornus Carnegie site and commenced construction, which progressed throughout the remainder of the year. We also started finalising our Cornus Woodlands project and preparing for settlement in early Q1 2022. 

We at Cornus Developments are excited to start this new year with a bang! 

Firstly, by wrapping up our Cornus Woodlands and Burwood La Frank projects, continuing on with construction at Cornus Carnegie, breaking ground at Cornus Oakleigh and launching a new, exciting project in a very highly coveted beachside suburb. Bring on 2022. 

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