6 Signs It’s Time For A New Home 

 October 4, 2021

No matter how much you love your home or how much time you have spent in it, there may come a time where it doesn’t really fit you anymore. 

You may have raised a family in the home, and now the kids are gone. Or perhaps you are getting older, and the two stories of your home are more and more difficult to access. 

Maybe it is precisely the opposite. You bought your property and were single at the time, and now maybe you’re married with kids. Perhaps you want to move from the city to the country or vice versa? 

Without a doubt, life circumstances can change at the drop of a hat. But it is hard to deny the excitement that comes from such significant changes. No matter what your circumstances are, maybe now is the time for you to make that change. 

If you’re on the fence about moving, peruse these 6 signs that it may be time to take the plunge: 

1. Your home starts to feel too big or small

Just like a fairly small house can prove to be too tight for you and your growing needs, a large home can also demand too much maintenance time.

2. Empty Nest

Do you find yourself walking into empty rooms wondering what else you can do with this space? Or maybe you’re sick of cleaning rooms that no one uses anymore. Once kids have grown up and flown the coup, you just may have too big a house and need something smaller that suits your new needs.

3. Seeking a shorter commute

Are you finding that you spend more time in your car than the things you enjoy? Do you come home only to eat dinner quickly, walk the dog and then go right to bed each weeknight? 

4. Meeting that special someone

You’re getting married or cohabitating with a significant other, and you know how much space that can take up in your home. Suddenly that closet space is way too small for 2!

5. Your suburb is on the rise

You find out that your neighbours have sold their home for an excellent price. When your neighbours sell their home for a fantastic price, it is hard not to look around your property and consider if you could capitalise on the current property market boom and do the same thing. 

6. Your retirement is approaching or is in full swing

Another reason for moving on from your current home is the possibility of retirement and housing that is more suitable. If you have owned a house and have been keeping it up for many years, then you’re familiar with just how much work it entails. Downsizing may be the next option for you, so you can spend less time maintaining your property and more time enjoying new hobbies or family time.

So where to go and what to do next? Choosing what type of property to buy is no easy decision. Weighing up whether to buy an apartment or a house depends on your financial situation, your lifestyle and your property goals. So what does an apartment have that a house doesn’t? 

The Benefits Of Apartment Living


Not only are apartments typically cheaper than houses, the smaller footprint means your utilities are less too. Even better, sustainable features, once considered too expensive, are now standard in many new apartment complexes. So, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your energy consumption and bills. 


Not everyone wants to compromise on location when they buy a property, and with apartments, you don’t always have to. Many new developments are built in thriving suburbs close to life’s simple pleasures such as; cafes, restaurants, shops and great parks.

Vanilla Cake Shop- Eaton Mall, Oakleigh


Depending on the size of your apartment, generally speaking, most are smaller than a home, therefore, you have less maintenance. From cleaning that extra bathroom nobody uses, to mowing the nature stirp, these jobs all become eliminated when moving to an apartment. Also, when owning an apartment there’s also a body corporate or owners corporate involved. They manage the maintenance of the building and any common areas, including taking out the bins. So say goodbye to spending your weekends at Bunnings and hello to spending your weekends with family and friends. 


An apartment complex offers a high level of security, thanks to private FOB key access. At Cornus Developments, we provide private FOB key access to the entry and undercover car parks. Within each apartment is an intercom so you can see who is trying to gain access to the building. It’s a great initiative that provides security to anyone who is looking for that extra bit of safety within their home. 


Architecturally designed buildings provide residents, and neighbours, with a modern or classical design. These buildings not only look good but typically have greater functionality too. From bespoke designs to sustainable features such as solar panels, double-glazed windows and double insulated walls. Architects not only design the aesthetic of a building yet its internal layout and functionality to ensure that residents live in a home that’s designed to flow and meet the demands of modern living. Such as open-plan layouts, ingenious storage options, and internal laundries. 

Cornus Oakleigh


When you live in an apartment, you live in close proximity to your neighbours, allowing you to form close relationships. If it’s not in the hallway, you’re bound to run into each other in the car park or the lift. When things go wrong, you also have each other to lean on or keep an eye on each other’s homes. You can voice any issues or concerns you have with your committee for advice concerning the property and even build new relationships.  

The reality is that no matter how much you love your home, it might be time for something new, and we hear you! Apartment living offers some wonderful benefits and is definitely a lifestyle worth considering. We can provide assistance that will save you valuable time and energy. If you’re interested in learning more about Cornus Apartments, fill out a form today!

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